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SecureTasks is at the forefront of AI-driven cybersecurity, protecting organizations from sophisticated digital threats. With a deep history in artificial intelligence, we develop cutting-edge solutions powered by generative AI and advanced algorithms like Markov chains.

Our AI penetration testing services proactively test systems and networks, exposing vulnerabilities before bad actors can exploit them. By continuously learning and adapting, our AI stays ahead of cybercriminals, anticipating tactics and implementing countermeasures.

Tailored for sectors like government, finance, and telecommunications, our proactive cybersecurity protects high-stakes environments where a breach could be devastating.

SecureTasks is dedicated to innovation and excellence. Our experts constantly explore new AI technologies and refine processes to deliver the most effective and reliable cybersecurity available.In an ever-evolving digital landscape, SecureTasks stands apart as a trusted partner. With AI-driven solutions and commitment to staying ahead of threats, we secure the future for organizations worldwide.

Partnering with global cybersecurity AI product leaders.

Not only does SecureTasks create its own AI software, we distribute or resell some the most significant new brands in AI based cybersecurity solutions:

  • Reveald - AI based next generation vulnerability management and continuous threat exposure management.
  • Fluency Security - AI based SIEM with deep behavioral analytics.
  • NVIDIA - Morpheus AI Framework

Our 3 core solutions
Making sense of cybersecurity with AI & big data

Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) a AI &  big data opportunity

Gartner created CTEM in 2022. Their goal was unify siloed and loosely coupled cybersecurity activities into a meaning and well understood lifecycle.

CTEM relies upon the ingestion of massive amounts of data from a variety of sources, end point security, Active Directory or LDAP, vulnerability data, IoT data, configuration data etc. The processing of this data provides the ability for organisations to shift left and adopt proactive cyber security postures rather than reacting.
SecureTasks establishes sophisticated and complete solutions for clients that span all domains in CTEM. Using our own tools and those our suppliers we offer superior solutions that focus on our clients needs bu solving real problems.
CTEM is an informational domain. To be effective in analysis and advisory CTEM involves the ingestion of massive data sets and the processing of such sets. This is the domain of AI and Machine Learning (ML). SecureTasks and our suppliers have many years of AI & ML experience, the combination of our tools and expertise provides world class outcomes for our clients.

Using AI for IT/OT Cybersecurity Convergence

As organizations undergo digital transformation, the attack surface is constantly evolving.Workloads shift to the cloud, users connect from anywhere with BYOD, and IoT integrates IT with operational technology (OT). These macro trends profoundly impact networks. Traditional security tools like firewalls and signature-based antivirus are blind to many threats that evade perimeter defenses or exploit legitimate protocols. Partnering with world class software vendors to provide the highest performance and least cost solution for cybersecurity IT/OT convergence. AI is at the core of seamless convergence, our core IT/OT convergence solution  includes products from:

Generative AI Cybersecurity Software

SecureTasks is at the forefront of leveraging AI and generative language models to transform cybersecurity capabilities. With over 5 elapsed-years invested in fine-tuning LLMs from leading vendors, we have developed specialized AI personalities with unparalleled expertise across countless cybersecurity domains. AI is in our DNA.

Our relentless R&D in generative AI enables us to pioneer conversational interfaces that make cybersecurity expertise accessible to every organization. The Cyber Advisor in our GoCyber platform processes technical data and generates tailored guidance in plain language through authenticated dialogs. This alleviates resource constraints by providing on-demand support directly from AI agents fluent in best practices rather than costly human beings.

By unifying AI-driven pentests, dark web monitoring, and expert recommendations, GoCyber continuously exposes and remediates threats across clients’ ever-changing digital landscapes. SecureTasks' integrated approach is the only solution that reveals vulnerabilities across the entire attack surface and then prescribes intelligent fixes in real-time.

With a deep foundation in AI/ML and proven technology leveraging the leading LLMs, SecureTasks leads the way in using AI to enhance every aspect of cybersecurity. Our innovations solve pressing problems like skill shortages and ever-evolving threats, driving the future of AI-enabled cyber defense.

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cybersecurity AI Solutions

World class AI partners for solving cybersecurity challenges


Our brands creating a new world of
AI cybersecurity solutions

AI Based Social Media Intelligence & Analytics Solutions

Highly Scalable AI based facial recognition with social network matching

Massively scalable URL and Content Filtering

Global cybersecurity AI portal for testing, advisory, management

AI Based Cybersecurity Advisor


Serving the Telecommunications sector with world class solutions

High-performance OSS/BSS solutions for service providers

ipoque is a global leader in the world of deep packet inspection and GTP correlation software.

Massively scalable URL and Content Filtering using sophisticated DPI

The worlds first AI based SaaS SIEM solution, decreasing costs increasing performance

Trusted network solutions for corporate customers and the public sector

Unlocking innovation with the SIM for IoT and private networks

Independent global provider of Cyber Security and Government Infrastructure solutions .

Advanced DSTK push solutions for Telco advertising



Causal inference is a rapidly advancing field in artificial intelligence that aims to understand cause-and-effect relationships from observational data. By uncovering the root causes behind system behaviors and events, causal inference models can predict and prevent cyber attacks before damage occurs.

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BIG DATA IN IT/OT convergence

Capturing and Analyzing Flow Data for Cybersecurity in a Converged IT/OT World

To keep pace, security teams need complete visibility into both north-south traffic crossing network boundaries and east-west traffic between internal resources. This requires collecting extensive data across hybrid environments. Flow records of metadata provide visibility into communications patterns between endpoints across the network. Deep packet inspection reveals definitive application awareness based on payload content

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Vulnerability management has long been a vital component of cybersecurity defence. However, as attack surfaces expand and threats become more sophisticated, reliance on vulnerability identification and remediation alone is proving insufficient. Organizations face overwhelming volumes of discovered vulnerabilities and struggle to accurately prioritize and address critical gaps quickly enough, if at all.


To move from reactive to proactive security, organizations are increasingly looking to artificial intelligence techniques.

Cybersecurity today relies heavily on reactive technologies like firewalls, antivirus, and SIEMs. These tools flag threats after damage occurs, requiring costly recovery. To truly harden defenses, organizations need to move to proactive security powered by AI. This white paper explains how AI transforms reactive data into predictive models, unlocking proactive threat prevention.

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