Making Cybersecurity Accessible

Secure Collaboration

  • Secure Messaging
  • Secure Video
  • Secure Space Collaboration
  • Granular Security
  • Non shared or multi tenant
  • Branded

Highly Secure

Highly Scalable 5million+ users

Revenue Generating Models

  • Secure TeamHub is primarily an information security centric collaboration and messaging platform that focuses on:  1. Defence in depth to provide the highest level of anti-eavesdropping and confidentiality,  2. A full suite of secure collaboration tools for One-2-One or One-2-Many communications,  3. Secure Collaboration spaces,  4. Data residency at all levels in Jakarta,  5. Data encryption at all levels.
  • Secure TeamHub also offers advertising monetisation.
  • Highly scalable group management.
  • Integration into ecommerce and other platforms.

Information & Work spaces

  • Secure TeamHub gives organisation owners the ability to create secure collaboration spaces.
  • To create unified messaging across their whole community.
  • Embed other informational elements such as organisation website content, e-commerce platforms, new-feeds etc.
  • The three key productivity elements to Secure TeamHub are: Secure collaboration spaces strictly controlled and moderated by the space owner; Secure messaging that can be integrated with email or not depending on the level of confidentiality required; Secure Video Conferencing that is not routed overseas but stays resident on the secure TeamHub platform and can not be intercepted from our server.

Messaging & Communication

  • Secure messaging allows for one to one communications or one to many.
  • Messages can be deleted and are permanently destroyed.
  • Messages cannot be archived
  • Messaging is intra-server, meaning all messages do not leave the server array for the outside internet.
  • Message content is stored in an AES-256 encrypted database. The database is stored on AES-256 encrypted hard disc drives.
  • Messaging between the application server and the database server is AES-256 SSL TLS1.3 encrypted bi-directional traffic.
  • Messaging is real time and can have images, URL's, encrypted document links (documents stored in Secure TeamHub) appended to the message.
  • 1:1 conversations can add new conversation members

Spaces & Files

  • Space File folders can be created in multiple hierarchies.  There is no hierarchy limit to either folder and there is not space limitation for files.
  • Folders and their contents can be deleted, moved up and down in the folder hierarchy, ZIP files uploaded and downloaded and folder names can easily be changed.
  • Files are renamed to provide file name obfuscation.
  • Indexes to files are stored in an encrypted database.  File comments are stored in the database and are also encrypted.
  • The database file server is AES-256 encrypted.
  • The application server is AES-256 encrypted.
  • The file server mount is both AES-256 and data in use is further encrypted.
  • Files can be downloaded, viewed, displayed in post, have version control and multiple versions managed, indexed and locked form comment.


  • Secure Spaces - Polls can easily be created to test group members sentiment and attitudes.
  • Polls can be used in a closed community setting or be made public and be asked across the whole site membership.
  • Votes can be anonymous or they can be attributed to specific users.
  • Vote data is stored encrypted in the Secure TeamHub database and cannot be tampered with.
  • The Secure TeamHub database is stored on an AES-256 encrypted file system.
  • Poll data can be narrowed down.
  • Polls can be closed at any time.
  • Polls can be single entry vote or multiple entry votes.


  • Space Calendars are specific to the space.  They can be created for all space members or only for those invited.  If a member to a space is not invited then the calendar will not be visible to them.
  • Calendar views can be daily, weekly and monthly or the calendar can be displayed as a list.
  • Calendars can be exported as an .ics file which is compatible with most calendaring systems.
  • Calendar data is stored in the encrypted database.

Video Conferencing

  • Secure Video conferencing uses our own proprietary servers and removes the potential for intercept or eaves dropping.
  • Secure Video is end to end encrypted (E2EE) however unlike other mediums we also utilise a standard called Web RTC.
  • Within Web RTC we deploy DTLS-SRTP offering unbreakable encryption.
  • We further deploy peer-2-peer encryption keys that encrypt each users activity differently than the other.
  • We do not use a centralised encryption algorithm or method thus making Secure TeamHub Video unbreakable.
  • As part of our use case we do not require any users to identify themselves and we do not store any traffic.  As a call moves through its progress data is destroyed leaving no trace of the call.