Thank You!

Thank you for making a subscription and registering with SecureSkills we appreciate your business.

Key to the success of the SecureSkills platform is member engagement, if for some reason you feel there is an issue with the platform or a participant on the platform please reach out to us via the contact form.

This page gives some guidance in how the platform operate.

SecureSkills does not collect payments.

At this point in time we do not collect payments or provide an escrow system. Its important for Consultants and Employers to agree on the payment terms for the project. This Agreement is between both parties and does not include SecureSkills. It should be noted that non-payment is a violation of our Terms of Service.

Use Project Milestones.

We encourage Employers to enter milestones into their projects. Each milestone can have the deliverable and the percentage payment attached. For example if a Employer contracts a Consultant to complete a penetration test the milestones may look like this:

  • Milestone 1: Provision of a Statement of Work – 5%
  • Milestone 2: Provision of a detailed Project Plan – 5%
  • Milestone 3: Platform reconnaissance, threat modelling and vulnerability enumeration – 25%
  • Milestone 4: Platform Exploitation – 25%
  • Milestone 5: Post Exploitation Activities – 10%
  • Milestone 6: Reporting – 15%
  • Milestone 7 : Retest – 15%

As an Employer if you add project milestones when you create your Project Posting then you have more finely grained control over your project. As a Consultant you should insist that your Employer adds milestones to the posted project.

Milestones are added to the project workbench. This workbench memorialises the activities taking place on the project and provides a record of communication and work completed including your report repository.


At this present time we do not offer escrow services, we plan for this service to come on line early 2020.

Identity Verification

We urge all parties to verify each other identities. Both Consultants and Employers should verify the identity of the party they are dealing with. SecureSkills offers identity verification services as well as credential verification services to request these services just check the box in our contact form. We use large scale identity verification platforms that allow us to check the government ID for a party.

Its part of our Terms of Service that all parties upload their photograph to the platform. From time to time SecureSkills verifies the emails addresses of members.

Stripe Connect.

We encourage all parties to sign-up for a Stripe Connect account. This allows for Consultants to accept payments by Credit or Debit card and have those payments transferred to their overseas bank accounts. For Employers the sign-up for a Stripe Connect account is a process that verifies the Consultant, if you insist upon your Consultant having a Stripe Connect account then you will be further down the path of verifying that the person you select to work on your projects is who they say they are.


SecureSkills does not collect taxes for cybersecurity services delivered and invoiced by Consultants. We advise both Employers and Consultants to review their tax jurisdictions and their obligations under these jurisdictions.

In Closing.

The SecureSkills platform will find high quality Consultants for those on-demand cybersecurity tasks and projects that need completion today, however, your successful use of this platform is largely dependent on how you manage the engagement just as you would in any other circumstances. For Consultants, the SecureSkills platform finds that extra work or allows you to become a successful freelance cybersecurity services professional, your ability to exploit what this platform offers is largely dependent on your conduct and professional commitment delivery to your clients.