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SecureTasks does not disintermediate. Our business model is inclusive of Reseller Partners.

Breakdown of the SecureTasks EXPERT Community

  • Vulnerability Assessment / Penetration Testing – 21%
  • Application Security / DevSecOps – 14%
  • Audit – 18%
  • Security Engineering – 12%
  • ISO 27001 Programs – 5%
  • Cloud Security – 6%
  • Cybersecurity Architecture – 5%
  • Cybersecurity Project Management – 5%
  • Cybersecurity Incident Management – 5%
  • Virtual Chief Information Security Officer – 4%
  • Cybersecurity Operations – 4%
  • Cybersecurity Managers/Executives – 1%

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As we all know the cybersecurity community is built upon trust.  A online community such as SecureTasks can only exist if the clients and employers using the platform trust us.  Rather than spending tens of millions of dollars to advertise and build trust through campaign we have opted to build trust through our partnerships.  By doing things this way we share revenue with our partners rather than enriching the FANG companies.

If you are a recruitment executive, a sales person, a consulting delivery person who has a network of clients who are consuming cybersecurity services then you should sign up today!

This opportunity to make substantial income from your network is incredible!

" We chose SecureTasks as our partner so we could expand aggressively in the Asian market without taking on staffing risks, this allows us to deploy our capital more wisely "

Raphael Henrotte – Director Zentarga


We pay as much as 50% commission to our Reseller Partners!