Travel Application Testing

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Posted on February 28, 2020


Project Description

We are bidding to win a penetration testing opportunity for a travel application, the internal name of the app is TravMAX.  There will be three stages to this testing.  The first stage is the subject of this request.  This is for a web application only and is Graybox Testing. We want the selected consultant to identify ways to exploit vulnerabilities to circumvent or defeat the security features of TravMAX.  In scope is both testing at the network layer and the application layer.  Network vulnerabilities should be outlined in the final report, however the consultant should not spend time attempting to exploit these vulnerabilities if any.  All activity should be focused on the actual application.

It is essential that a signed and emailed copy of our NDA be received prior to acceptance of a bid.  This NDA is attached to this posting.  The NDA should be emailed to – [email protected]

XENTRX will provide a project manager and the client will provide a single point of contact for this project.


  • Create a statement of work for this project - success criteria - acceptance - 5%
  • Create a project plan for this project - success criteria - sign-off - 5%
  • Assess Vulnerabilities - 25%
  • Exploit Vulnerabilities - 25%
  • Collect Evidence and Create Final Finding Report - 40%

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Dragos Ionica

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vartul goyal

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