Gain complete control over your recruiting and management of on demand cybersecurity experts by using your own private SecureTasks site!

"We know that SaaS is not always the solution especially for some CISOs and those highly security conscious organisations, that's why we created our software so it can be hosted and managed, or, in fact installed on premises by our clients"
cameron d. mceachern
Co-Founder & CEO - SecureTasks


You can brand your cybersecurity recruiting and management site with your own logo using SecureTasks.  We make this process of branding simple, fast and effective.


We know the platform best and we recommend that we host and manage the platform for you, whether you choose to white label or just use the SecureTasks branding, our team will maintain and manage the site ensuring continuous uptime and security monitoring.  Used in conjunction with our account and project managers this solution offers a “one stop shop” for your cybersecurity task, project or general recruiting needs.


If managed and hosting is not for you and you prefer to manage your own platforms with your own teams then please speak with us about a simple monthly software licensing model.

versatile features

Hosted on AWS.

Your SecureTasks hosted and managed service runs on AWS taking advantage of Elastic Load Balancing, AWS Relational Database Service, AWS EC2 and Cognito. This platform offers high levels of security and auto scaling along with superior redundancy at server and database levels. Requests can be made to host on other platforms.

Multilingual & translatable.

SecureTasks can be translated into many other languages apart from English. This is a tailoring service offered by SecureTasks.

Functionality is highly extensible through plugins

Using our page builder additional plugins can be integrated into your site, a more enhanced support system, or a Kanban project management system its all possible using the plugin architecture of SecureTasks.

Secured by the best

Security is top of mind at SecureTasks we partner with name brand providers to ensure the integrity of our platform. To find out more please contact reach us.

Talent lists populated from SecureTasks lists

On an agreed frequency we will auto populate your consultant directory from the SecureTasks main site giving you access to a fresh, vetted global array of cybersecurity talent to invite to work on your on demand jobs.

Amazingly responsive.

We built SecureTasks as a web platform not as a mobile application. To this ends substantial efforts have been made to ensure the platform is as responsive as it can be allowing access from a variety of devices easily without feature degradation. Being only web based allows us not compromise on security.

Integrated page builder.

We know that you will need to add additional content to your platform. We give your team that capability so as to reduce additional tailoring costs.

Easy to use and customise interface.

Using the page builder you can integrate core logic from SecureTasks into a different looking internet facing platform. Its possible to add or reduce content from the standard SecureTasks platform for your own use.

Enterprise systems integration

You may have a need to integrate your SecureTasks platform into your existing infrastructure. Our team is here to assist.

time is of the essence

Find cybersecurity experts now and hire them for on demand tasks and projects.

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