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Securetasks Escrow Service*

Early in your business relationship with your cybersecurity expert you or they may decide a prudent way to conduct business is to use the SecureTasks Escrow Service. You load SecureTasks with either the total project fees or the milestone fees (recommended) then you tell us when to release the payment to your consultant. You don’t have to worry about international payments, disputes or other time-consuming activities.

Your Project Manager

Project Management is key to any project but more so if the project is divided into tasks and each task allocated to different consultants, this makes keeping track of progress and reporting that progress very difficult. When you become an Enterprise member of SecureTasks we allocate a project manager to you. The Securetasks Project Manager will manage tasks and projects once they become live, they will be your real-time eyes and ears on the status of the project flagging issues, providing ad-hoc status reports and ensuring on-time delivery.

Your Account Manager

We understand you are busy, so we created the affordable Managed Plan for you. We supply an account manager who can advise you on how best to use the SecureTasks site AND they can even post jobs for you and help you select the right expert for your on demand cybersecurity tasks.  Your Account Manager will create your project workspace on the [email protected]Securetasks and manage all interactions with you and your team from this environment.

Monthly Reporting

Your Project Manager will provide a monthly report on all the projects you are currently running on the SecureTasks Platform or those that have been finalised during that month.

Collaboration Channel

SecureTasks has a fully functional workbench as part of your ability to interact with your consultants. The workbench offers chat, vide-conference, secure file upload and milestone management.  Additionally we provide to you the [email protected]  This fully functional collaboration channel gives you individual workspaces, video-conferencing, chat, wikis, event management, file management and community news and discussion.

Unlimited Task Posts and Proposals

As a plan member of SecureTasks, you are always assured that you can post as many tasks and projects as you want. We also don’t limit you to the number of bids and responses you can receive. This is where your account manager comes in handy, use them to assist with task posting and to help you filter the best candidates for your on-demand cybersecurity work, then discuss and decide on your exclusive collaboration channel.

Consolidated Monthly Billing*

As an Enterprise member on the SecureTasks platform, we bill you once monthly for all activity on the platform. This monthly consolidated invoice from SecureTasks will outline the project or task, the consultant performing the work, the billing method – either project or milestone and the amount due for each consultant. Once you have paid SecureTasks we then disburse the funds to your consultant via the route they have asked to use. Your fully itemised bill can be discussed at any time with your account manager via the selected collaboration channel.

Weekly Status Call

Your account manager will hold a weekly status call with you and your team to highlight issues and discuss future requirements or plans for engaging more experts.

Frequently asked questions

Your account manager will typically:

 Post tasks for you on the SecureTasks platform.  They will do this by gaining as much information about the job as they possibly can.  This will include Task/Project Name, Description, Type of Skills Required, Milestones and your budget;

Your account manager will also advise you on the possibility of breaking tasks/projects down into more manageable milestones, this will remove some risk related to both the project and your selected cybersecurity expert;

Milestone management is handled by your account manager, they will indicate the milestone value when posting the task, they will gain your sign off on each stage of the milestone and if you use our Escrow Service they will then manage the milestone payment to your expert;

Work with you and your team over the selected collaboration channel to determine the right delivery candidates for the task or project;

Your account manager will repost tasks or projects should you add more information or the dynamics of the anticipated task or project changes.

Firstly this service is not compulsory, however it will be quite useful for you if you want to deal with one single vendor as your accounting point of contact.  If you want consolidated monthly billing then you should investigate the SecureTasks Enterprise Plan.

The Escrow Service was introduced by us to create a bridge of trust between both Employers and Consultants.  This being said there are numerous benefits to this service:

SecureTasks takes care of all international money transfers on your behalf;

If you do not sign off the release of funds because the project then your account manager flags the project as in dispute on the SecureTasks workbench and acts to resolve delivery issues, this may be to gain a discount from your cybersecurity delivery consultant or the return of funds to you;

If you use milestones then you only have to provide to SecureTasks the agreed amount for that milestone, not the full amount for the project.

Using escrow is advisable for all transactions on the SecureTasks platform, it removes the headaches associated with managing paperwork and payments and allows you to focus on the delivery to your satisfaction of on demand cybersecurity tasks and projects.


Key to all successful cybersecurity projects is a client single point of contact (CSPOC).  This means that on the platform there is one person accountable from the client side per project.  This is managed through the engagement of our account manager.  This being said you can have multiple ( up to 3 for the Managed Plan ) user accounts that can post jobs and manage consultants.  Our Collaboration Service using your standard collaboration platform works well for sharing across large teams, inputs can be taken from this service and applied to the project by your account manager.  Again by having single points of contact eliminates confusion, the potential for “finger pointing” should there be a dispute and results in clearer more successful project outcomes.

Our preference is to use Slack as the collaboration tool of choice, some clients also prefer the use – at the same time – of WhatsApp Groups.

One of our co-founders has spent 35 years in the IT Services space both as a vendor and as a client, he has most recently spent the last 20 years in cybersecurity services in large scale global roles as a delivery executive or as a CISO.  SecureTasks is founded on the grounds that for vendors there has to be a better way of managing a “warm bench” and for clients there has to be a better way of quickly finding and deploying trusted talent with the right price point.  

If you require more time from your account manager for a specific project we can provide to you a quotation for this additional service.  We also offer expert verification services where we provide both background checks and credentials checks for our clients.

* SecureTasks charges a fee of 10% for the use of the escrow service and $10 fee per transaction. For consolidated billing SecureTasks acts as a proxy for your consultants please read our Terms of Service.  We charge fees for consolidated billing.

Service Features Comparison

  • Basic
  • Managed
  • Enterprise
  • Custom
Unlimited Task/Project Postings
Unlimited Proposals/Bids
Invite Experts to Bid
Secure Messaging
Accessible Archives of Messages
Search Global Database of Experts
Escrow Service
Account Manager Service
Collaboration Channel
Tasks/Projects Tweeted
Tasks/Projects Advertised on LinkedIn
Project Manager
Consolidated Monthly Billing
Monthly Status Report
Weekly Status Call
5 Free Expert Verifications a Month
White Label SecureTasks
Hosted and Managed SecureTasks
Enterprise Application Integration
Page Builder for Site Changes

Get Started with SecureTasks employer plans





  • Free to post unlimited tasks
  • Global base of experts
  • Unlimited proposals/bids
  • No posting time limit
  • Collaboration workspace
  • Project milestones
  • Project archival/retrieval
  • Project re-use

25% Fees on acceptance of bid





  • All in the basic plan plus:
  • Account Manager
  • Escrow Service
  • [email protected] channel
  • Monthly report
  • Managed workspace
  • Managed milestones
  • Expert verification services

20% Fees on acceptance of bid





  • All in basic and managed plus:
  • Project manager
  • Consolidated billing
  • Weekly project update call
  • Monthly project report
  • Project archival/retrieval
  • Expert background checks
  • Project plans

15% Fees on acceptance of bid





  • All in other plans plus:
  • Choice of managed service or
  • Hosted platform, or
  • White labelling, or
  • On premises implementation
  • Integration into enterprise
  • Customised user interface
  • Customised features

Fees vary

All SecureTasks Plans & Fees are exclusive of VAT/sales taxes.
 SecureTasks invoices clients for fees and other services.


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