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We created SecureTasks to service the change in how we all want and have to do our cybersecurity tasks. In a time of a monstrous cybersecurity skills shortage, our goal was to allow our peers and experts the ability to monetise their latent work capacity. Our platform was developed so that a cybersecurity expert can hold down a full-time career AND at the same time, at their own choice, bid for additional work. But we go further than that. In truth, a full-time employer buys employees at a fixed price and squeezes the expert to get as much out of them as possible. This model is old and filled with potential for abuse on both sides.

With SecureTasks, Employers get what they pay for and Experts get to choose the roles/tasks/projects they feel they can expertly deliver. This is a new way of doing cybersecurity services.

We have revolutionised this marketplace. Our platform leverages the notion of “Human Intelligence Tasks”. We have taken the work conducted by NIST and published in the guidance document NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework NIST 800-181. This document is a body of work that breaks down cybersecurity job roles into a series of tasks. The Securetasks platform allows employers to post tasks they need to have completed and for cybersecurity experts to sell their skills to deliver these tasks. No long term contracts or employment agreements, employers can access a global base of experts 24×7.

SecureTasks has been established by cybersecurity services professionals for cybersecurity services employers and professionals. Our many years of experience running large global teams of cybersecurity services experts allows us to create a platform which is the worlds first crowdsourced cybersecurity services marketplace.

Not only do we provide a platform for a revolutionary new business model we also provide a platform for the cybersecurity community to lever their relationships to create virtual services businesses. Our platform allows experts to outsource part of their roles to other experts and to group those experts as a virtual business. We go even further than that in also creating a multilevel compensation platform that allows cybersecurity experts to introduce other experts to the platform or to published “Securetasks” and gain a commission from this.

There is no question that SecureTasks goes a long way to solving the global cybersecurity skills problem.

SecureTasks - Cybersecurity. Delivered.

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