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who uses the Cyber Market?

  • Organisations who have a specialized need or a sporadic need for cybersecurity expertise.
  • Boutique cybersecurity consulting firms looking to diminish the risk and cost of having staff on their books.
  • Organizations that have once off or once yearly regulatory requirements where it does not make sense to staff. This can be ISO 27001 ISMS audits or advisory or such activity as compliance penetration testing for the banking sector.
  • Organisations that can be vendor or client based that require staff augmentation to deal with cybersecurity incidents or events.
  • Organizations looking to gain procurement advisory such as RFP response reviews, insights into vendor discounts or vendor negotiating tips.

If you know what cybersecurity tasks you want delivered and can articulate those tasks and quantify the outcomes expected then we recommend to you to use our Cyber Market.

Who uses the advisory services?

  • Organizations who have a requirement for research and development.
  • Organizations who have cybersecurity requirements but are having difficulty establishing a bill of materials for services delivery.
  • Organizations that are in a budgeting or procurement cycle that may need skilled advisory consultation.
  • Academic organizations that are looking into commercial feasibilities for research products.
  • Venture capital firms looking for a third party market or product assessment prior to investing in a cybersecurity startup.
  • Organizations looking for a fixed short executive contract to assist with establishing a team or cybersecurity discipline within an IT department.
  • Vendors looking to gain insights into clients or markets by gaining expert advisory and target connections.

If you have a high level understanding of what you are looking for in regards to cybersecurity services but need consultation to understand the quantum of what needs to be delivered and then be able to measure this delivery then we recommend you contact us to discuss our advisory services.


SecureTasks connects clients with vetted subject matter experts—Advisory Experts—from our global professional network. Our clients leverage the insights and perspectives shared by our Advisory Experts to stay informed and make better business decisions.

” Our Advisory Experts have had significant experience solving cybersecurity problems, they have occupied or still occupy senior positions in some of the worlds largest corporations.”

Garry Ohlson – COO SecureTasks

Our Cybersecurity Advisory Experts work with your team to achieve high quality advisory outcomes.  You can tap into the network of experience for vendor insights, organizational design, overarching security architectures, DevSecOps and many other specialty areas.  Each advisory role is individually quoted upon by our Advisory Experts and SecureTasks charges a 25% fee for account and project management of the project.

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Become a Cyber Market Employer

Become a SecureTasks Cyber Market Employer

Joining the SecureTasks Cyber Market is free (for basic plans).  There are three levels of service, and one custom plan:

  • Basic Service – Free to join and a 25% commission fee on all successfully filled job postings.
  • Managed Service – $499 monthly, 17.5% commission on all successfully filled job postings, access to our account managers, access to escrow services, jobs advertised weekly.
  • Enterprise Service – $799 monthly, 15% commission on all successfully filled job postings, access to account managers, access to escrow services, consolidated billing and project management.
  • Custom Services – Fees vary for hosted. hosted and managed and our on premises white label version of SecureTasks. Contact us here for more information

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Plans For SME Organizations

Cybersecurity can be daunting, there are many regulations, lots of noise and lots of bad actors. Our Managed Plan is perfect for small businesses who dont have a qualified and highly experienced cybersecurity manager.
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Plans For Medium and Growth Organizations

Finding the right cybersecurity expert without paying too much is a clear challenge for those businesses who are medium sized or on an upward trajectory. Our Enterprise Plan gives you both account and project management, perfect to support your cybersecurity team.
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Plans For Global Organizations

SecureTasks offers enterprises the choice of managed or hosted, white labeled or your own on premises version of SecureTasks so that your operation can take control of your own cybersecurity human resource needs while keeping your data on a single tenant platform.
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