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Our Experts

We have a global community of cybersecurity experts, ready for on-demand
tasks or expert advisory.

Breakdown of the SecureTasks EXPERT Community

  • Vulnerability Assessment / Penetration Testing – 21%
  • Application Security / DevSecOps – 14%
  • Audit – 18%
  • Security Engineering – 12%
  • ISO 27001 Programs – 5%
  • Cloud Security – 6%
  • Cybersecurity Architecture – 5%
  • Cybersecurity Project Management – 5%
  • Cybersecurity Incident Management – 5%
  • Virtual Chief Information Security Officer – 4%
  • Cybersecurity Operations – 4%
  • Cybersecurity Managers/Executives – 1%

On Demand Cybersecurity Experts

At SecureTasks, we are proud to provide our clients with Advisory Experts and Market Experts that match their specific expertise criteria. In order to best match our clients and Experts, not only do we tap our existing professional network, we also source experts on-demand to join our network and connect with our clients. Our clients appreciate the quality and accuracy of the services we facilitate.

" We chose SecureTasks as our partner so we could expand aggressively in the Asian market without taking on staffing risks, this allows us to deploy our capital more wisely "

Raphael Henrotte – Director Zentarga


SecureTasks recruits, registers, and rigorously vets each Expert on their knowledge and expertise prior to accepting them in our network. Once an Expert is accepted into our network, the SecureTasks team will reach out to the Expert regarding relevant projects that match their experience based on our clients’ needs.

Of course Experts also look for work in our Cyber Market, where clients post jobs and look for on demand Experts.

If you are interested in consulting and think your expertise would be valuable to our clients, please contact us.



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